My Entry in the 2015 Etisalat Flash Fiction Competition


So I entered the 2015 Etisalat flash fiction competition with a story that was born here. I will need as many votes as possible to enter the shortlist, so please vote.

The story and link are below:

She is angry with me.

I can tell, because her lips are trembling, her eyes are dilated, and her chest is rising and falling really fast. Both our eyes dart to the knife on the table, the light reflects off it and bounces back off our bright yellow wall.

“I’m going to make you dinner.”

She picks up the knife and I watch her with wary eyes.

“What are you going to make?”

“Eba and efo riro,” she replies. This is what she does when she is angry. She cooks a meal from her country, knowing full well that I don’t eat spicy food. And the food doesn’t look appealing; it comes in mostly browns and reds and greens – the colour of grass and soil and s***.

I watch her as she takes the gari, a grainy grey substance, and pours it into a pot of boiling water. I notice two tear drops fall from her lashes and into the mixture, which she stirs until the substance thickens and starts to look a bit like playdough. She dumps a dollop on the plate for me, heats up the efo riro and then she folds her arms. Dare I refuse the food?

She is tapping her foot now and waiting for me to make a choice, the wrong choice. I take my hand and scoop a bit of the eba she made with her tears and dip it into the efo, then I place it into my mouth and swallow. Her body is shaking now and I know if I look up, I will see that she is crying. I don’t look up. I keep eating till there is nothing left.

“I think I’ll have a second helping.”

She walks towards me and I fold her into my arms.


QtheWords – Ma New BLOG!!!!

I feel as though I’m moving house. My emotions are many.

Goodbye Writing In Whispers – because of you, because of everyone who read, liked and commented, I am now a stronger more confident writer.

The new site is QtheWords. Check it out today!!! Comment, like, let me know what you think and how I could improve it. Also thinking of having guest posts i.e. stories, poetry etc, but not quite sure how that would work yet.

See you on the other site.

Keep writing!

The Time Has Come

I believe the time has come for me to move on from this blog.

I’ll certainly miss it, but I am trying to manage too many sites at once, and not managing any of them all that well. So I had an epiphany – what if I combined some of my sites into one mega cool site.

I think there is a way to transfer my subscribers to my new website, but if there isn’t I’ll put up the details of the new mega site soon. It won’t be called writinginwhispers for I no longer write in whispers.

I’m SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!

Forgive Me – A Review

Fuel scarcity is a very real and rather startling phenomenon here in Nigeria. Last Saturday, I decided it was time to join the queue for fuel. In preparation for what was undoubtedly going to be an hour plus wait, I bought myself snacks and three novels; one of the novels was Forgive Me by Lesley Pearse.

forgive meAs titles go, Forgive Me is certainly alluring. There is the promise of tragedy, of mystery, of drama. And the tagline ‘Her mother’s dying words…’ further added to the tone. It’s a title that pulled me in, though simple, it spoke to me; and for this reason I shall give the title 8/10.

The main character, Eva Patterson, discovers her mum, Flora, dead in the bath; and she spends the rest of the story trying to figure out the why behind her mother’s actions. Only the secrets she discovers are greater than her wildest imaginations (although I’m proud to announce that I figured out the twist before the heroine did). The plot didn’t strike me as being particularly unique, but it was engaging and I was eager to find out the secrets of the woman who had taken her own life. 7/10 for the plot.

As for the characters, they were well-rounded, they were flawed. Pearse paid special attention to even the secondary characters of which there were a few. Her love for Flora shone through her writing and I came to also love this woman whose actions I would never had endorsed and whose character swung from noble to heartless far too easily. I did find Eva trying at times, but she was a likeable character and one you could empathize with. 6/10 for the characters.

Pearse’s attention to detail is enviable and I could see the pictures that she was trying to paint. I was in England in the dreary rain, with the flowers, with the sounds and the smells…

In the picture the cottage looked charmingly dilapidated, with straggling roses over the arch, the front door in need of a coat of paint, and a weed-strewn path leading from a sagging gate. But it wasn’t like that now; it was painted a soft pale pink, the door glossy white, as was the latticework arch. Although it was late in the summer, there was purple clematis scrabbling through the carefully trained rose which still had many pink blooms.

Beautiful, isn’t it? 8/10

If you like mystery, hidden secrets, family drama, this is definitely, definitely the book for you.


How Dare – A Sonnet

How dare you say my love has come too soon,

As though love ever paid mind to the mind,

And would you have me curb my desire often?

Could love be taught to wait till it was time?

Could love be made to sleep all through the night,

As hand in hand, we tiptoe room to room?

Could love be trained to draw back from the light,

And answer only to the calling moon?

But dare I say you ask for far too much?

You, who have earned this gift that you so fear,

You who has me yearning for one touch,

It grows, it grows – a truth you have to bear.

How dare you show me love the way you do,

And tell me that my love has come to soon.

It’s The Little Things – A Review

It’s The Little Things

By Erica James

I bought this book as a birthday present for my sister, because I have realised these are the sorts of stories she liked. However, as fate would have it, I ended up reading it first (No, I am not one of those people who buy things for people so that they can make use of it themselves; at least I am not usually this way), and I am now thoroughly convinced that she will love it.

its the little thingsAs titles go, It’s the Little Things does not impress me. It seems obvious somehow; but it is also a title that immediately alerts the reader to the genre of the book – which I would tentatively say is Romance. It certainly achieves what it set out to achieve, so I will give it a 5/10.

We follow three, and then four characters – Dan, Sally, Chloe and Seth, as they navigate the minefield that we call being in a relationship/ being in love. I can’t say the plot is anything I haven’t come across before, or that it is particularly ingenious, but it is certainly a well woven tale. It is a story about normal people, living normal lives and making mistakes that change what would perhaps have been the natural course of their lives. I would give the plot 7/10.

I have read Erica James before – The Queen of New Beginnings (which is a title I love, probably because it reminds me of the song – King of Wishful Thinking…). James certainly has a knack for creating real characters. They are characters that do things that exasperate you and have you wanting to give them a knock on the forehead. Their struggles are struggles you may very well have experienced yourself. You can hate them or love them but you are forced to empathise with them. So I would give the characters a good 8/10.

‘She pitied anyone who had never experienced even a fraction of what she was feeling. At the oddest times, she would catch herself looking at people around her – in a meeting, in a shop – and wonder how they could bear their safe, dull little lives.’

The writing of James and the way the story unfolds is engaging. She draws you in without you even realising. I didn’t think it would turn out to be a book I was loath to put down, but I was reading it at every opportunity at work. I needed to know what would happen to the characters – especially Sally; I needed to know. 9/10 for the writing that is also so superbly British.

All in all James, is a writer to take the time out to read.