Bring Back Our Girls

Bring back our girls.

They are merely children;

barely out of their mother’s sight,

helpless pawns in your bloody war.

Bring them whilst we can still recognize

them. Let them grow without harsh scars.

Let them grow without harsh scars.

Bring back our cherished girls,

whilst they still hold smiles we recognize.

They are just little children.

No use in your gory war,

belonging in their mother’s sight.


A moment out of their mother’s sight

and you want to mark them with deep scars,

to make a statement in your political war;

forgetting they are simply girls,

forgetting they are only children,

not the enemies that you recognize.


Do you have a soul that we can recognize?

Do you let your children out of your sight?

Or because these are not your children,

you have no issue leaving scars,

no issue stripping girls

for your trivial, ghastly war.


You’ll lose the advantage in your war;

but for now, we recognize

that you are holding all our girls

snd they never leave your sight.

So you’ve cut us and left scars

and you’ve accomplished this with children.


Reunite us with our children.

There are other ways to win a war

and even with the scars

we would still recognize

their beauty in our sight;

the beauty in our girls.


Bring back our children. We recognize

we are at war. But don’t lose sight

and don’t leave scars. Bring back our girls.




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