Library In Lekki

My sister and I went to a library today.

20140603-183326-66806055.jpg It would actually be my first time going to a library in Lagos that wasn’t within the four walls of a school; so I was very excited.

It turned out to be a charming place and it smelt like bubblegum. It was cool and the books were everywhere! There were also several places to sit and relax.

To become a member:

N10,000 ($62) for 3 months
N20,000 ($123) for 6 months
N40,000 ($246) for 12 months

The prices I felt were reasonable; however you still have to pay approximately N200-N500 when you borrow books, which I find a little less reasonable.

Nonetheless it’s a great spot for book clubs, reading events, lessons, author signings and perhaps even small children’s parties and the library/bookstore does seem open to people using their space for events.

If you are in Lagos, check the spot out: Liam & Noel’s Bookclub, 1a Victoria Arobieke Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


7 thoughts on “Library In Lekki

  1. This has been of great help; I actually visited the place on your recommendation. The only hitch for me is the fact they close 6pm. Any ideas of any other library tht stays open till 9 at least?….concerned mainland resident trying to avoid 3hrs of traffic

  2. hello, please do you have a number that i can call your library on?
    i need commic books and books for an 8 year old boy, he loves reading and i have bought enough books at ebeano.
    i met a friend who mentioned your library to you.
    please write back.
    kind regards

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