The Four Line Poem – How Writers Write Poetry

‘No roses on my grave,’ she said,
‘No lilies, no orchids, when I’m dead.’
So I bought a cactus – dark green, no true leaves, spikes –
I hear it’s hot in hell.

The poem above is thanks to the ‘How Writers Write Poetry‘ course. Unfortunately I’ve not had the time to join in the forums or the workshops yet.

The class was about sketching four line poems. We were encouraged to start the poem by just thinking of a line. The line that came to me was one said to me by a friend over blackberry messenger ‘…be keeping the compliments like roses on a grave.’ I fell in love with the phrase ‘roses on a grave’ and stored it away.

So when Robert Hass said, ‘write a line,’ that’s the line that came to me and I just kept going. I’m not used to writing short poems, but I really enjoyed experimenting with this. Below is my first draft.

‘No roses on my grave’ she said
‘No lilies or daisies when I’m dead’
So I got a dark green, brown cactus
I hear it’s hot in hell.

Struggling to decide on a title…
I wrote one other poem and will continue trying it out.

Keep writing!


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