The Men She Loved (13)

He grinned at her and took a cursory look at her body, from her face to her feet, and up again. It sent a pleasurable jolt of electricity down her spine.

“No need to cover up. You look good…naked.” She rolled her eyes and slipped her top back on.

“Why are you here?” she asked him again.

“I came to apologize for leaving so suddenly.”

“It’s ok.”

“How are you doing? You seem a little stressed.”

Lola sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. Dayo was seated in her armchair with one leg over it. He looked as though he owned the space and she was the stranger that had burst in uninvited.

“I have a client in five minutes. I need to change.”

“I’m not stopping you,” He grinned at her again, flashing his white teeth and making her melt with his dimples. She needed to get away from him. He was like a drug she had to have more of even knowing he was bad for her. She smiled back at him slowly and held his gaze and she began to unbutton her shirt, though she could take it off without undoing the three buttons. She watched him lick his lips and lower his eyes to her chest. His breathing became a tad bit perceptible.

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40,000 Words And Counting…

So I have reached 40,000 words in The Men She Loved. Yay me! Never gotten this far before.

I suspect I have ended the story, though it was not quite the ending that I aimed for when I started the tale; but maybe it’s better. Anyway, I’ll see how I feel about the ending in a couple of days.

I’m looking forward to starting the process of revision. I lie, I lie, I’m not.




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The Men She Loved (12)

She stood in the driveway staring into space. That had gone very differently from what she had imagined. She had predicted that he would grumble, she would coax and they would have settled into their old routine.

But perhaps their old routine had been detrimental to Lanre’s self-esteem. She had always known he harboured some feelings for her but she had neither encouraged nor discouraged him. She had let him be all he could be to her for very little in return.

She groaned, then pointed her key at her car and unlocked it. She would let him cool off for a bit and then beg for his forgiveness.

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My Brother – The Critic

My brother has this habit of looking over my shoulder as I write, and critiquing.

This drives me up the wall for the following reasons:

1) He is 13.

2) He uses phrases such as – ‘This doesn’t make sense’ and ‘Do you think this will appeal to a global market?’

3) It is terribly distracting to have someone critique your work AS YOU ARE WRITING IT.

4) He is 13.

5) Though he reads, he is more of a playing football or watching football or playing FIFA kinda guy than a sit down in his room quietly reading kinda guy.

6) He knows it drives me up the wall.

How To Tell The Difference Between Chick Lit and Romance

I use the phrases ‘Romance’ and ‘Chick lit’ interchangeably; not because I’m not aware there is a difference but because the difference is so subtle that I usually can’t be bothered to be anal about it.

Today I feel like being a little anal; so here are a couple differences that I have drawn up:


  • Chick Lit tends to have a happy ending. The girl will end up with the right man, no matter what fate tries to throw at them. Romance, on the other hand, could end happily or sadly.
  • The protagonist in a chick lit story will usually be a female; whereas in romance it could be a man or a woman. Heck, it could be a child.
  • Chick lit stories tend to keep things upbeat, light, fun; whereas a romance novel is free to delve into the deepest darkest fears of our hearts.
  • Chick lit novels will usually not surpass 400 pages but a romance can go on and on if it so wishes.


There is a third ‘genre’ which I like to call the ‘Mills and Boons genre’ (cuz that’s how I got introduced to it). This genre can be easily identified by conflict between the heroine and hero, very masculine hero and one or two steamy sex scenes.


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The Men She Loved (11)

She stared at her phone vibrating and was tempted to ignore it. She wanted to stay in bed and avoid the steps she would have to take today. But life had to go on, she had work, she had her puppies to feed and according to her phone, she had her brother’s birthday to attend.

She sat up abruptly. She had completely forgotten about his birthday which was uncharacteristic of her, but then Dayo’s presence in her life had been a wonderful frightening distraction.

First things first, she would attend to the needs of her dogs, then go over to Lanre’s to apologize before heading to work. The time now was 7am. She grabbed the big tee hanging on her chair and pulled it over her head. Satisfied she looked fairly decent, she jogged to the kitchen and grabbed the puppy food from the store. Rumble and Tumble had keyed in to what was going on and were wagging their tails and barking at her in their excitement. She gave the two of them a quick brush of their coats and then laid out their food and water for them.

Often Lanre took them for walks but today she decided she would come home early to take them herself. It was best she maintained a little distance from Lanre. Things were complicated enough as it was.

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