To Plot Or Not To Plot

There are basically two ways of going about writing and plotting a story. I like to describe them as:

  • The Path of Least Resistance
  • The Path of Most Resistance


You belong to the path of least resistance if:

  • You have very little idea of where the story is going when you start.
  • Characters crop up wily nily in your story.
  • You write the first sentence and then think up your second.
  • A character’s words or actions surprise you.
  • You had no idea that particular character was going to graduate, elope, die.


You belong to the path of most resistance if:

  • You know exactly what is going to happen to your character in every chapter.
  • You know your main character’s favourite toothpaste.
  • If a character tries to surprise you, you whip him/her back into shape.
  • You can tell the entire story to a third party, like, right now.


Hopefully you have figured out which group you fall in to. Here are the pros and cons of following either of the two extremes:

2014-08-01 16_38_45-To Plan Or Not To Plan2 - Word



As you have probably deduced, a little of both paths is probably the best way forward. But more about that later…

Keep writing!


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