The Four Types of Book Covers

So recently I have been thinking once again about book covers; especially as I have been working on the one for The Men She Loved.

My research has led me to the realization that there are four types of book covers:

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Mr Lifeguard

So, I wrote a song today – another work of art inspired by my ex (he really should get some of these rights) and providing me with free therapy. Songwriting is not one of my strongest skills, but I like to try once in a while anyway.

(If any musician/singer e.g. Heather Headley, Jhene Aiko, Beyonce etc /producer/song engineer reading this, feels the lyrics and actually wants to turn this into a song, I’m all ears 😉 )

Do let me know if you like it:

It looked so blue,

Caught me looking, caught me true,

Dipped my foot in,

Immersed my body,

Waded in,

The water lapped against my skin.

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Rearing To Go

I got an email from Nanowrimo reminding me that November was just around the corner…

102210_nanowrimo2According to my Nanowrimo account, I have been a member of Nanowrimo for almost FIVE years. It’s incredible how time just evaporates. I still remember joining and being all hyped. I was in England, in university, reading Creative Writing and Law and I was EAGER to finish my first novel.

If you have been following this blog, you will know I finished my first novel like a month ago, and it was only 45,000+ words. Nanowrimo’s word count goal is 50,000. So I don’t need to stress that all those years ago I did not complete the November challenge. And I didn’t attempt the challenge again in the years following.

If you have never heard of Nanowrimo before, this is how it works:

  • It takes place in the month of November
  • You are encouraged to write every day
  • The word count goal is 50,000 words
  • You are dissuaded from editing as you write
  • You can validate your 50,000 word count between the 25th and 30th November to get novelist goodies and recognition

I failed all those years ago (I think I just got to 20,000 words+) and here are a couple of reasons why I think I failed:

  • My story had no direction (Nanowrimo didn’t encourage you to plan ahead as such to prevent overthinking, but I may have taken this a bit too literally. My story wasn’t heading anywhere, and I soon lost my grip on it)
  • I was doing it all alone (When you are doing something particularly hard, it’s helpful to have people supporting you; though Nanowrimo does give all the encouragement that they can but there was noone to stop me from stopping)

2014 has been my year of overcoming mental obstacles and I am determined to participate in the challenge and overcome it.

I know I can do it, can you?

See you in November!


Once upon a time…

It’s been a long long time since I have posted. Approximately two weeks.

But I have an excuse – I’m trying to become Lara Croft and it is wearing me out physically.

I have also been caught up in weddings, work, love, hate, more work and attempting to tidy up my ever chaotic room.

Nevertheless, I have to remember that writing is a priority for me. When I finished The Men She Loved (Yay me!), I thought a second book would pour out of me like vomit from a hungover individual. Unfortunately that was not the case. I am experiencing the exact same struggle I experienced with my first completed novel. Even more, perhaps, cuz I really need to stretch my fantasy muscles.

Also I am considering NOT posting the second story online, I’m thinking instead, I could just put it up as an ebook and peeps can download it. But then again, part of the reason I was able to complete The Men She Loved was because of the encouragement that I received. So…

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Keep writing!

The Men She Loved (14)

Her face was pressed against her brother’s shoulder so Temi missed the look of dismay that undoubtedly crossed her features. Just before she was about to pass out from lack of air, her brother released her from his hug. She rearranged the expression on her face and walked towards Temi, smiling.

Temi who was now standing returned her smile.

“You look really good,” he told her.

“Thank you.”

“Ronke invited me,” he offered as an explanation, “And you told me you liked surprises, so…”

“I didn’t think you were listening.”

“I always listen to what you say Lola.”

“Ok no mushy mushy stuff!” Yomi announced as he grabbed her arm and tugged, “I’d like to speak to my sister for a moment.”

He dragged her out of the living room and into the bedroom and shut the door behind them.

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So, I had totally abandoned the #heypoets poetry six week course…but I totally plan to finish it, just at my own pace.

The class I watched today was particularly engaging. I learnt to rely on my unreliability. To learn to go back on my word in my poetry (as I often do in life). Having watched the video, I came up with the perfect topic (so I guess this poem is for my ex).

The assignment was to write a poem using six hinge words e.g. ‘but’, ‘and’, ‘yet’, ‘so’ etc.

Here’s mine:

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