So, I had totally abandoned the #heypoets poetry six week course…but I totally plan to finish it, just at my own pace.

The class I watched today was particularly engaging. I learnt to rely on my unreliability. To learn to go back on my word in my poetry (as I often do in life). Having watched the video, I came up with the perfect topic (so I guess this poem is for my ex).

The assignment was to write a poem using six hinge words e.g. ‘but’, ‘and’, ‘yet’, ‘so’ etc.

Here’s mine:




I said I wouldn’t love you any more


Here I am

Knocking on your door


Here I am

Knocking on your door


I said I wouldn’t answer any plea


You are yet to call

And the one begging

is me


And I have begun to fear that there is nothing you can do to me (except to separate arm from leg, leg from eye, lips from stomach)

Nothing you can do

To stop this love

I nurse for you


I said I wouldn’t kiss you


Why are my lips glued to yours?

My tongue in your mouth


I swear it’s trying

Squirming, writhing, fighting fate


I said I wouldn’t

Or shouldn’t

Or couldn’t

Or Something,

I have forgotten now

Something separating me from you

You from me

What is this evil thing?


And why am I so angry? Was it all a dream? (My brain has turned on me, I’m going mad, you look so good and smell so sweet)

Nothing I can do

To stop this love

From nursing me.


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