Once upon a time…

It’s been a long long time since I have posted. Approximately two weeks.

But I have an excuse – I’m trying to become Lara Croft and it is wearing me out physically.

I have also been caught up in weddings, work, love, hate, more work and attempting to tidy up my ever chaotic room.

Nevertheless, I have to remember that writing is a priority for me. When I finished The Men She Loved (Yay me!), I thought a second book would pour out of me like vomit from a hungover individual. Unfortunately that was not the case. I am experiencing the exact same struggle I experienced with my first completed novel. Even more, perhaps, cuz I really need to stretch my fantasy muscles.

Also I am considering NOT posting the second story online, I’m thinking instead, I could just put it up as an ebook and peeps can download it. But then again, part of the reason I was able to complete The Men She Loved was because of the encouragement that I received. So…

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Keep writing!


3 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. I know about trying to be super woman and it threw me on my posterior. Not pleasant…rest is so vital. Having recently published my two books, I sure, am taking a break. Best Wishes.

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