So I’m Starting A Creative Writing Workshop…Yay Me

For the month of November and as a supplement to the Nanowrimo event, I will be hosting a free creative writing workshop.
Hosting not teaching. It is an avenue for us all to learn and grow but as a host I will be providing activities, prompts, structure and lots and lots of encouragement.
36b761_a86e9564b0374563076e06841c4d1758The workshop is for anyone who would like to
1) finish a 50,000 word novel
2) improve their writing skills
3) get new and fresh ideas
4) hobnob with fellow writers
5) become disciplined in their writing life
6) start writing
The workshops will take place once a week in Lekki for four weeks; beginning on the 1st November 2014 from 2pm – 3:30pm
We have the capacity for 20 participants.
All you need is a pen and paper or laptop and a love of the written word. Doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned writer or beginner. We don’t discriminate.
If you are interested, email me at and title the email WORKSHOP.
Please send your name, email address, age, and a little about yourself and why you want to be a part of the workshop.

The Abomination of Mrs Rochester

It occurred to me today that I have a blog now.

This was a very important rediscovery because several years ago I read a book and this book made me ANGRY; unfortunately I had no way of expressing this anger except to my family (who really couldn’t have cared less.)

I have never forgiven the author for writing this book and I probably never will.

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My First Book Trailer

It seemed like yesterday that I wrote a post on book trailers. I had only just come across them, even though I have been told that they have been around for a whiiiiiiile.

Anywho I knew that one day I would attempt to do one of my own, so…TADA!!!

I would love to know your thoughts and where you think improvements can be made.

Also the book can be downloaded for FREE here:

The Men She Loved eBook!!! Eeeeek!!!

Dear October,

It may look as though I have been slacking, but I haven’t really. Actually been working double time.

Been working hard on my Qamina site (launch coming soon)

Been converting ebooks

Working on a graphic novel project with a great guy

and so much more.

tmsl book-mockupMost importantly The Men She Loved is available for download from today!!!! And it’s for free!

For now, it can only be downloaded from the Qamina site; will update as I expand the book’s reach.

Really excited.

More later!

Keep writing!

P.s. No more The Men She Loved posts. So to find out how it ends, just download it; it’s still free.