The Testimony

I have never been one to write testimonies down. There isn’t any particular reason for this, I just hadn’t thought of it.

But now it seems like the wise thing to do. Sometimes we forget to be grateful – grateful for our hot meals, grateful for our shelter, grateful for our good health, grateful for the love we have around us etc. We remember to complain or to feel sorry for ourselves but often enough we don’t look back to see how far we have come.

I think having something written down, a record of sorts, would help to remember the obstacles overcome, the miraculous that took place, and the distance traveled.

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2015 and My Nanowrimo Story

I met the nanowrimo challenge head on and was able to tame the dragon; but at 50,000+ words my story was far from finished.

My plan at the time was to finish the story off in December and begin editing in the new year. Only I didn’t do squat in December. I found myself having to catch up with all the things I had neglected in November; ( I also found myself distracted by a certain somebody – are secret kisses more alluring than other types of kisses; or is it that they have that uniqueness of being both bitter and sweet?)

But with the new year comes new promises, new hopes and a renewed writing vigour. So far I am 4,500 words into the second half of my nanowrimo story (basically 54,500 words). By the end of the day, it’ll be 55,000; and I’m hoping by the end of the month it’ll be 100,000.

I’m itching to get unto another story (another 40-50,000 word story); I already have the tale in my head.

I wish you all a BLESSED new year. Keep writing!