I Believe I Can Fly

Anyone who can guess the link between the title of this post and of my previous post gets a prize – The Men She Loved sent personally to their inbox!

That aside, I am on 90,000 words now!!! Yay! *Does mental dance.

I can’t believe it’s almost done. It has been a wild journey, but one I wouldn’t trade for anything; and support has come from the strangest places – from those of you who read the blog and follow, from acquaintances tracking my progress on bbm, from people who learn that I am on a 100k writing journey.

I had imagined it would be my family and closest friends who would be patting me on my back, and wiping the sweat from my brow, but I am no less grateful the way it turned out.

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I Can See Heaven

I have 15,000 words to go, to reach my goal of 100,000 words.

I think I may cry out of the sheer joy and relief, knowing the figure is no longer so vast. Or perhaps the tears are merely due to exhaustion. I dunno.

I have no idea where the last 15k will come from; but I have faith. I got this far, didn’t I?

In honour of this magnanimous event, I will post an excerpt from the novel. I haven’t posted anything from the novel so far, and this excerpt I picked randomly; but I think it’ll make for a cool read.

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The Queen Of New Ideas

I am the Queen of New Ideas.

This year I also hope to be the Queen of Follow Through.

No, I’m being uncharitable. I do follow through on said ideas. It’s just the idea might have sprouted in say, 2010, and the action may take place in 2015. But it is still following through, am I right? (C’mon all you procrastinators out there, you know what I’m talking about)

Anyway, this post is about my latest new idea, but I wanted to start off by admitting that I know my follow through isn’t great  (in case anyone wanted to be Scrooge and point out all the things I have said I want to write about in this blog, that is yet to be written).

All that negativity aside, my latest new idea is…

…drum roll please…

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Love Love Day – Ma Ton Ra E

So today is the day of flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, perfume, and other really tired gifts. It’s the day when expectations are crushed or met. The day that has probably thousands of beating hearts around the world, preparing to propose.

And I’m here…writing. I’m on 75,000 words and my Valentines gift for myself is another 10,000 words. Can it be done? I dunno. But I am sure as heck gonna try.

But in honour of Valentine’s day, I’m going to post a poem I wrote a few years ago. I like it because it is the only poem I have mixed with Yoruba (my native tongue)

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70K In February

There is a little voice in my head trying to tell me not to write this post.

“You should have finished this story in January,” it says “You’re not even done yet, what on earth are you celebrating?”

Well voice and all ye cynics out there.

I’m celebrating because:

70k is an achievement, dammit!

70k is my sweat and blood. 70k is nights and days of typing and typing even when the words would not come. 70k is 70% done. 70k is other people’s complete novel. 70k is more than I have EVER done before. 70k is exercise when all I want to do is sleep. 70k is discipline. 70k is faith.

Here’s to 70,000 words.

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