The Queen Of New Ideas

I am the Queen of New Ideas.

This year I also hope to be the Queen of Follow Through.

No, I’m being uncharitable. I do follow through on said ideas. It’s just the idea might have sprouted in say, 2010, and the action may take place in 2015. But it is still following through, am I right? (C’mon all you procrastinators out there, you know what I’m talking about)

Anyway, this post is about my latest new idea, but I wanted to start off by admitting that I know my follow through isn’t great  (in case anyone wanted to be Scrooge and point out all the things I have said I want to write about in this blog, that is yet to be written).

All that negativity aside, my latest new idea is…

…drum roll please…

…writing blog posts on the publishing houses in Nigeria!

I’m really excited about this. Nigerian publishing houses do not get the kind of coverage and appreciation that our foreign counterparts have; but yet a new publishing house seems to pop up every other month. I think it would be good to know who is out there, what they are looking for, what they have published etc.

(Hmmm…maybe I’ll even do interviews)

I’m totally pumped now!

Keep writing!


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