For The Beautiful Black Man



How Dare – A Sonnet

How dare you say my love has come too soon,

As though love ever paid mind to the mind,

And would you have me curb my desire often?

Could love be taught to wait till it was time?

Could love be made to sleep all through the night,

As hand in hand, we tiptoe room to room?

Could love be trained to draw back from the light,

And answer only to the calling moon?

But dare I say you ask for far too much?

You, who have earned this gift that you so fear,

You who has me yearning for one touch,

It grows, it grows – a truth you have to bear.

How dare you show me love the way you do,

And tell me that my love has come to soon.

Love Love Day – Ma Ton Ra E

So today is the day of flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, perfume, and other really tired gifts. It’s the day when expectations are crushed or met. The day that has probably thousands of beating hearts around the world, preparing to propose.

And I’m here…writing. I’m on 75,000 words and my Valentines gift for myself is another 10,000 words. Can it be done? I dunno. But I am sure as heck gonna try.

But in honour of Valentine’s day, I’m going to post a poem I wrote a few years ago. I like it because it is the only poem I have mixed with Yoruba (my native tongue)

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Mr Lifeguard

So, I wrote a song today – another work of art inspired by my ex (he really should get some of these rights) and providing me with free therapy. Songwriting is not one of my strongest skills, but I like to try once in a while anyway.

(If any musician/singer e.g. Heather Headley, Jhene Aiko, Beyonce etc /producer/song engineer reading this, feels the lyrics and actually wants to turn this into a song, I’m all ears 😉 )

Do let me know if you like it:

It looked so blue,

Caught me looking, caught me true,

Dipped my foot in,

Immersed my body,

Waded in,

The water lapped against my skin.

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So, I had totally abandoned the #heypoets poetry six week course…but I totally plan to finish it, just at my own pace.

The class I watched today was particularly engaging. I learnt to rely on my unreliability. To learn to go back on my word in my poetry (as I often do in life). Having watched the video, I came up with the perfect topic (so I guess this poem is for my ex).

The assignment was to write a poem using six hinge words e.g. ‘but’, ‘and’, ‘yet’, ‘so’ etc.

Here’s mine:

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