My Entry in the 2015 Etisalat Flash Fiction Competition


So I entered the 2015 Etisalat flash fiction competition with a story that was born here. I will need as many votes as possible to enter the shortlist, so please vote.

The story and link are below:

She is angry with me.

I can tell, because her lips are trembling, her eyes are dilated, and her chest is rising and falling really fast. Both our eyes dart to the knife on the table, the light reflects off it and bounces back off our bright yellow wall.

“I’m going to make you dinner.”

She picks up the knife and I watch her with wary eyes.

“What are you going to make?”

“Eba and efo riro,” she replies. This is what she does when she is angry. She cooks a meal from her country, knowing full well that I don’t eat spicy food. And the food doesn’t look appealing; it comes in mostly browns and reds and greens – the colour of grass and soil and s***.

I watch her as she takes the gari, a grainy grey substance, and pours it into a pot of boiling water. I notice two tear drops fall from her lashes and into the mixture, which she stirs until the substance thickens and starts to look a bit like playdough. She dumps a dollop on the plate for me, heats up the efo riro and then she folds her arms. Dare I refuse the food?

She is tapping her foot now and waiting for me to make a choice, the wrong choice. I take my hand and scoop a bit of the eba she made with her tears and dip it into the efo, then I place it into my mouth and swallow. Her body is shaking now and I know if I look up, I will see that she is crying. I don’t look up. I keep eating till there is nothing left.

“I think I’ll have a second helping.”

She walks towards me and I fold her into my arms.


2015 and My Nanowrimo Story

I met the nanowrimo challenge head on and was able to tame the dragon; but at 50,000+ words my story was far from finished.

My plan at the time was to finish the story off in December and begin editing in the new year. Only I didn’t do squat in December. I found myself having to catch up with all the things I had neglected in November; ( I also found myself distracted by a certain somebody – are secret kisses more alluring than other types of kisses; or is it that they have that uniqueness of being both bitter and sweet?)

But with the new year comes new promises, new hopes and a renewed writing vigour. So far I am 4,500 words into the second half of my nanowrimo story (basically 54,500 words). By the end of the day, it’ll be 55,000; and I’m hoping by the end of the month it’ll be 100,000.

I’m itching to get unto another story (another 40-50,000 word story); I already have the tale in my head.

I wish you all a BLESSED new year. Keep writing!

Nano Reflections

What are you most proud of achieving this month?

I am extremely proud of self for completing 50,000 words in 30 days. It was no mean feat and I am in noooooo hurry to attempt it again.


What did you learn about yourself as a writer?

I learnt that I am more of an action and dialogue writer than a descriptive writer; though I love to linger over description, when a deadline is looming it appears that I skim over the finer details.


What excites you about this draft of your NaNo-novel?

Though it is yet to be completed; I know that I will complete it and it will be my best work to date. That is what excites me about it. I have needed to write a fantasy novel for a while and I am finally on the way to doing just that!

My First Poetry Slam

So last Saturday I took part in my first spoken word poetry competition and I learnt A LOT.

The Eko Literary Society is the premier society in Lagos for lovers of books, poetry and all things literary and they founded the Eko Poetry Slam, which in collaboration with Metro 97.7 FM and Radio One 103.5 FM, took place last Saturday. It would be the first edition. Their previous poetry slams have been in Abuja. Ken the Slammaster was our host, and I thoroughly enjoyed his witty comments at the end of each poet’s performance.

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This little piece was born out of a prompt from the Qamina Writing Workshop.

The prompt requires you to write a story that ends with the following sentence:

But you are free to do it and I am free to let you. Because look, look. Look where your hands are. Now.

I found the task challenging and fun. Check out my piece below:

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Young and Cerebral Essay Competition

Oyinkansola the Judge…Yup! I like the sound of that!

Young and Cerebral in their justified concern for the youths of Nigeria and how detached and uninformed they are of their culture, their language and their history, have put together an essay competition…

The Essay Competition is an initiative of Young & Cerebral, a youth development platform that raises awareness on how young people can make better choices in their careers, business and life.

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